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خط انتاج فوم الرغوة

Product Introduction:
EPE Foam Sheet Thickener is the deeply processing equipment of the EPE Foam
Sheet products, mainly used for the adhesive bonding and thickening of the EPE
Foam Sheet to increasing the intensity and thickness of foam sheet. It’s widely used in
the packaging of electronic product, construction interlayer, soundproof, heat

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Product Introduction:
Polyethylene foam Sheet, also named as pearl cotton. It’s a kind of new –type packing
material with the features of damp proof, shock proof, sound insulation, heat
preservation and good plasticity. It is an ideal substitute of traditional packing
materials, and widely used in the packing of fruit, instruments, bags & luggage,
shoemaking, household appliances, electronic product, hardware, furniture, fragile
goods, etc. Features of this extrusion line: reliable quality, high output, low
maintenance, high automation, easy handling with reasonable price


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